My interest in Photography began as a child; it seeped into me. I recall being fascinated by the negatives processed by my father, Arthur Williamson Photography, hanging up to dry, alongside tiny clothes pegs from which dripped rows of black and white prints. A few years later, my father’s studio was by now in the centre of the Pembrokeshire town I was lucky enough to be brought up in, and I headed there after school to help in the darkroom or in the studio and at weekends with weddings and Press Photography. One day, while driving along the country lanes, my dad pointed out the way the light was catching the hedges. The artist in me woke up!

I later found myself in London, learning colour Photographic printing and lab skills and continued to do this while completing a BA in Photography and Film. Life was busy and I spent far more time working on other photographers’ work than my own. Then my three sons arrived, and time became even more of a luxury. When they were older I picked up a little digital camera, bemused by the revolution the industry had undergone in my absence. What could I do with it now? Dubious at first, I quickly realised the advantages. I could be in control of my images from camera to print with nothing more than a computer and a desk. I began the slow ascent into a brave new world of digital photography and before long my fascination was as great as it had been, observing my father’s work all those years before. Yes, I miss those dripping negatives in a way. But the light; it still catches the hedge tops as enticingly as ever it did.


LPOTY competition 11 (2017): Commended: Your View
IGPOTY competition 8 (2014/15): 2nd Place: Breathing Spaces and 2nd Place: Wildflower Landscapes
LPOTY competition 8 (2014): Commended: Classic View
A Place For Creation: Inclusion in 2015 Show-Off Calendar
IGPOTY competition 5 (2012): Finalist: Beautiful Gardens and Commended: Weather Eye


Leatherhead Theatre , Leatherhead, Surrey. May 16th-26th 2018: “Seascapes"

Surrey Artists' Open Studios, Weybridge, Surrey. June 2018: Joint exhibition of fine art landscapes and seascapes
Guildford Arts Annual Summer Exhibition, Yvonne Arnaud, Guildford, Surrey. July 4th-19th 2018

The National Brain Appeal, gallery@oxo, London 2016: “A Letter In Mind” exhibition
Riverhouse Gallery, Walton on Thames September 2016: "Drawn By Light"
The Lightbox Gallery, Woking 2016: Community project featuring volunteer work parties for Basingstoke Canal Society 50th Anniversary
Surrey Artists' Open Studios, Weybridge 2016:Joint exhibition of fine art landscapes and seascapes
The National Brain Appeal, gallery@oxo, London 2015: “A Letter In Mind” exhibition
The Guildford Institute, Guildford 2015: Joint exhibition of Surrey Landscape Photography
The Lightbox Gallery, Woking 2014: Joint exhibition of Surrey Landscape Photography
The National Brain Appeal, gallery@oxo, London 2014: “A Letter In Mind” exhibition
The Shed Photography, Lyme Regis 2014: "Muse" exhibition; 3 images exhibited
London Photo Festival, The Crypt, Borough, London 2014; 3 images exhibited

Picture credit: Rachael Talibart